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My Adventures With Sonic

These comics are dedicated to me reliving my memories of playing Sonic games...and insulting the fuck out of what I once loved/still love to some extent.

I've been nostalgic lately, and playing on the Gamecube was filling my nostalgic needs.

MOST OF THESE WILL BE FROM WITHIN THE PAST YEAR, however some will be based on my childhood too.

They're of course parodies. Nothing I do isn't. :I

If you're still confused (I know I suck at wording things), you'll understand in a moment.

I plan on doing every Sonic game I've played/seen someone else play (more of the former than the latter of course; I'll state below the comic if I myself played it or not.). I plan on eventually playing some of the newer ones that I haven't dared touch, mostly out of morbid curiosity.

Until then, enjoy some of the classics.

I always was bad at the original Sonic. I don't know if I ever really did beat the second level or not.

Sonic 2 was actually the only classic Sonic game I was any good at.

Aside from Sonic Spinball. Fuckin' Sonic Spinball.

And I guess Dr. Robotnick's Mean Bean Machine too if that counts.

Sonic 3 is best played with a friend.

I did in fact play Sonic and Knuckles on its own too, but to be honest it wasn't as much fun. Mostly cuz I didn't have a sidekick to take all the damage for me while a laugh.

I'm a dick. c:

Coming up next: A few I hadn't played before until a few days ago.
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